Recommend UR on Poloniex

To all UR miners and future users:

Please ask Poloniex to include UR by visiting the following link and filling out the form:

To make it easier for you to fill out, we’ve listed some answers to the basic questions on the form:

Q: What is the name of the coin?

Q: What is the coin’s symbol?

Q: Please link to the announcement page.

Q: If the coin has a website, please link it here.

Q: If the coin has a block explorer, please link it here.

Q: Please explain why you would like to see this coin added to the exchange.
[Answer this in your own words.]

Q: If this coin has any significant innovations over other coins, please elaborate on them here.
[Answer this In your own words, but some possible things to mention are 1) unique distribution model, 2) inflation/deflation protection, 3) easy-to-use mobile app.]


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  1. slimane bouaoud says:

    we hope on UR Coin, we are enrich the world

  2. slimane bouaoud says:

    We will enrich the world !!!
    UR Revolution is coming soon 😉 <3

  3. Rabeh khanfer says:

    Rabeh Kanfer
    Hi guys,it looks an owesome project,keep goin

  4. Hamdan noureddine says:


  5. Hamdan noureddine says:

    nous espérons sur UR Coin, nous sommes enrichir le monde

  6. senihji dounia says:

    hi ;we need ur to be on the world

  7. Achraf says:

    The UR monster is coming soon … We will enrich the world

  8. Omar says:

    Wellcom UR in poloniex

  9. Omar says:

    We are UR

  10. mastour says:

    we are UR

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