Beta Tester Update: When can I get my UR?

What’s happened so far?

The UR Money app beta signup procedure on the website has attracted over 28,000 pre-registrants, each of whom have been placed into a referral hierarchy. The data has been cleaned up extensively to ensure that beta testers get the UR referral bonuses coming to them. Among the pre-registrants are some number of fraudulent signups. The obvious of these have been removed by our team, but some still remain. I will detail below the methods we will use to have the fraudulent accounts self-identify and remove them from the system. There are also about 800 or so people who signed up but did not use a referral link or provide information that would allow us to identify their sponsor. We have emailed these users and some have provided the information we needed. Others who signed up but whose sponsor we cannot identify will be put into a default position in the referral chain.

The UR Money app beta has launched in the Google Play (Android) Store, but not in the Apple App Store. Apple has refused to approve certain important features of the UR Money app–the ability to send and receive UR, for example–that are fundamental. This means that iPhone users have not been able to download the UR Money app, which causes additional problems. The solutions to these are discussed below.

What’s keeping me from getting my UR now?

There are three main issues can prevent you from getting your UR at this point.

  1. Users above you in the sponsorship hierarchy have not set up their wallets. You may download the app and set up your own wallet, but you will not be able to verify your ID and have this information published in the UR network (where your position is set forever into the blockchain) until those above you have done so. This structure is necessary in order to properly place you in the UR hierarchy and ensure your referral bonuses. What will be done to make sure that those sponsors above me verify so that I can verify? We will be implementing a time limit on all beta testers that requires everyone to 1. Download the app, set up their wallets, and verify their IDs. This will limit the amount of time you have to wait for others in order to move forward yourself.
  2. iPhone users cannot download the app because Apple has not approved it. This means that certain people in your sponsorship hierarchy–through no fault of their own–are unable to download the app, set up a wallet, and verify. What is the UR team doing about this problem? We have begun designing a web-based process for iPhone users that will allow them to sign up with a mobile browser or other computer, set up a wallet, and verify their ID. So they and you will not have to wait for Apple in order to get your UR. We can implement this solution relatively simply due to the underlying software platforms the UR Money app is built on.
  3. ID Verification is not yet turned on in all countries. In order for you to get your UR, others above you must complete ID verification. ID verification is not turned on in all countries, however. This means that, even if you live in the US, where verification is already turned on, you still will only be able to verify if those in your sponsor hierarchy are all in the U.S. and have verified their ID. What is the UR Team doing about this issue? There are several things underway to increase the number of countries where ID verification is available. First, we have built an ID verification module that is in the final phases of testing now, and that will be added soon and will allow us to support ID verification in an additional 14 countries. Second, we are working on setting up a manual ID verification process. Third, our devs are working with another 3rd party to allow us to expand to an additional 115+ countries by using ID scanning technology.

Target dates for next steps

COMPLETE        Import and refine all user data into app database

COMPLETE       Automate data importation into app database

COMPLETE       Build manual activation tool and activate select users

COMPLETE       Expand ID verification ability to 15 more countries

COMPLETE       Design browser-based version of UR Money

DEC 8                  Launch browser-based version of UR Money

DEC 9                  Build and start testing of ID-scan feature

DEC 9                   Initiate countdown for users with sponsors in operational countries

DEC 16                 Launch ID verification (with ID scan) for 115+ countries

What can I do in the meantime?

  • Download the app and set up a wallet if you have an Android phone and encourage your sponsors and your invitees to do the same.
  • Continue to refer friends using the referral code you were provide when you signed up on the website
  • Join our slack community user groups to learn from and support your fellow UR community members (Use this link: xxx)
  • Buy UR on the cryptopia exchange while it is inexpensive

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  1. Luis says:

    I registered and verified my number and email but I was not accredited the referrals that registered with my link, why?

  2. said says:

    Great job

  3. Joaquin Vallejo says:

    I my sponsor have not yet done verifying his ID I also can not an ap with my direct referral down to their referral’s referral, many will be affected with just one’s inability to do so, why not just leave those who can not do the task and let those who can do.

  4. Joaquin Vallejo says:

    If my sponsor have not yet done verifying his ID I also can not, and do wiith my direct referral down to their referral’s referral, many will be affected with just one’s inability to do so, why not just leave those who can not do the task and let those who can do. I’m already eager to complete my details but no way just maybe with my sponsors fault

  5. Dave says:

    It’s just matter of time. The Team give those people some days to be active and download UR app. They just have to download the app and set up their account. If they do so, they and you will be able to get your UR coins when your Countries are activated. While those people not settin up the account on their phone or via website for Apple users, will be removed from the system.

  6. Nnamdi Ebere says:

    Great news! I’m so loving this project and I’m glad I am amongst the first to adopt UR. I’m aggressively pushing acceptance and sign ups in Nigeria. I’ll try as much as I can to co tribute ideas on how UR can work better especially for Nigerians.

  7. Badrul Hisham Ibrahim says:

    My email used for registration is I wish to know what’s my account status. My invitees managed to download the apps but mine cannot go thru. We are from Malaysia.

  8. Great ur money

  9. I’m Djalma Albino team leader here in Brazil. I am referring many people, I am believing in this cryptmoeda, I send my link but many are registered and not attributed to me. I am a pioneer in Brazil and Amercica do Sul. Please give me the unprompted records, as I believe they are my referrals, I am working hard on the disclosures.

  10. Hanif says:

    Can anybody let me know which mobile phone is required to download this app. I have samsung GT-S7562

  11. God job

  12. massimiliano diaferia says:

    when start in italy

  13. when stat in italy

  14. Alex says:

    Is this project for real? or just one of the scams pool? I see no updates, no news, and nothing? Why you people love to cheat others ???
    So many people have joined in my team and there is no news thos..

  15. Osuagwu Coronata says:

    There is so much trouble getting Ur app working so I can get my wallet and link

  16. Denny Skinnell says:

    Where do I go in UR to find who my recruits are/
    Where do i get a referral link?

  17. Morocco not avilable

  18. Louie mangubat says:

    Is there available here in the philippines?
    All my referals does not appear on my ur apps..

  19. Olufemi says:

    This is great indeed. Glad I joined and among the pioneers of this revolution!

  20. Rohit Telwade says:

    i have earned 6000 Ur but noe its not showing in my account..what can i do..?

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