IMPORTANT UPDATE: For those users who have not set up their wallets…

1. For those users who have not set up their wallets, we will start moving your referrals to other users / sponsors today at 18:00 UTC (Soft limit) and complete it by tomorrow 18:00 UTC (Hard limit) no further time extension to be given after the hard limit.
To prevent this, sign into the UR Money web app by using the referral link you originally received when you were invited, this action will activate your account and avoid the migration of the users below you.

2. We have released an important update of UR Money app on the Google Play store. If you are using the Android app, you definitely should upgrade to the latest version of the app by visiting the Google Play store:


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  1. Mogopodi says:

    Sponsors are taking a while to set up their account, thus my UR 2000 is pending until he set up his account!!! I wonder if this wont cause any delays to our new recruits

  2. Ishan says:

    Sir the problem is i am facing problem by my sponsor he’s not activating his account. And i ramdomly joined his refferals

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