To all miners and users of the UR client (gur)

We have bad news and good news. The bad news is that we discovered that there was still a fork in the network. The good is that we realized that this fork was the cause of the bug that was preventing us from processing sign-up transactions. So, once everyone is on a single blockchain again we can immediately start processing signups.

Our solution to remove this fork is to provide a mandatory update to gur, and for everyone to install the update and resync. Some users who were on the incorrect fork may see balance changes in blocks 444000+. (The current block at the time of this writing is 497177.)

We’ve shut down the old bootnodes, and the instructions below are intended to make sure that there is only one chain. The new bootnodes are NOT allowing connections from old clients, so if you can’t connect, make sure you are running the latest client.

Here are the instructions:

1. Download the latest binaries from (Or build from the latest source on master at

2. Remove (or move your blockchain). Make sure to remove both ~/.ur/chaindata and ~/.ur/gur/chaindata (or the equivalent directories, if you are on a non-Linux platform).

3. Run gur and sync from the beginning of the blockchain. (This is the easiest way to do it, even though only blocks 444000+ were potentially affected by this fork.)


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  1. Klien says:

    Can’t get this update 🙁 i think i need someone to explain it to non-complicated statement 🙁 i cant get all of this

  2. Ur coin app I have magical income

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