UPDATE: For those who are waiting on their sponsor to be verified…

All those who are waiting for her/his sponsor to be moved:

Unfortunately, we can confirm that your old sponsor is still in the same spot above you, we are facing certain delay and working towards completion of this adjustments related to unverified sponsors.

Soon as we’ve completed we will update accordingly.

Please be rest assured, regardless of this delay, you will not be losing any bonuses, its all credited into your wallet.


  • If you believe your problem is not related to your sponsor (your sponsor is verified / activated) please feel free to open technical support ticket via our new helpdesk platform:
    <a href="https://urtechnology.freshdesk Home Page.com”>https://urtechnology.freshdesk.com
  • Make sure to follow our updates on our blog and UR technology, official twitter account: https://twitter.com/urforall


No one will be forgotten, you are all part of UR family and everyone of you will get his eligible bonus unlocked!
Thank you for your support!



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  1. Idenedo fanny says:

    Hello we can not see the form for some time now. Please what happened?

  2. Minishu says:

    Ur blockchain

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