UPDATE: The UR blockchain is running smoothly & More…

the UR blockchain is running smoothly and the problem has been isolated with high confidence. After much pressure testing, it seems that the issue was not with the UR blockchain at all, but rather caused by improper port settings by one or more miners.
We apologize that this has delayed your signup and referral bonus transactions, but I am very happy that it has to a much closer working relationship with our main mining pools and with Cryptopia.
Those who are looking for UR mining services, we strongly suggest to check the well known & major miners, you can find them at our knowledge base:
we plan on watching the network for 5 or 6 more hours before resuming the transactions. Their are currently about 7,000 new signups to process first. Once we begin processing again, these transactions will take about 1-3 hours to fully process.
– Please make sure to follow our updates on our official blog and UR technology, official twitter account: https://twitter.com/urforall
– For any questions related to service and support, please use our new helpdesk platform: https://urtechnology.freshdesk.com

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